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St John the Baptist’s College, Portadown

School Council


Our School Council is a democratically elected group of pupils from each class.  The purpose of the School Council is to represent pupils’ views and opinions on issues relating to school.  Our School Council benefits the whole school as it provides a forum to communicate with the Senior Leadership Team influencing decisions that are made. This enables each pupil to be active in the school community and in their own education.  Issues that might be discussed at meetings include:

• School rules and policies
• Activities after school
• Bullying
• School equipment
• School and community fundraising
• School meals
• Facilities in school
• Community issues


The new Student Leadership Team for 2021

Angel Pereira 8A

Ashtin Green 8B

Connor Hamill 8C

Jay Reid 8D

Lara Sanches 8E


Joab Silva 9A

Ruby Cavanagh 9B

Ariana Fernades 9C

Julia Kalisz 9D

Donald Lucas 9E


Joseph Breen 10A

Shea Mulholland 10B

Broccan Tennyson 10C

Schuyler Douglas 10D


Melanie Sequeira 11A

Erica da Moura 11B

Eoin Gracey 11C

Anthoy de Sousa 11V


Ella Smith 12A

Che McShane 12B

Rusne Kairyte 12C

Deimante Vaisnourte 12V


Rian Hughes Head Boy

Aoife McAtarsney Head Girl

Coen McIlkenny Deputy Head Boy

Niamh McCann Deputy Head Girl