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St John the Baptist’s College, Portadown


Studying Drama can help encourage the following: enthusiasm, confidence, self esteem, conversation, social skills. Drama lessons can stimulate students to be fully involved and motivated.

Drama helps students develop tolerance and empathy. Adopting a role requires an appreciation of others’ perceptions. In today’s global society drama can help to create globally functional, tolerant and marketable citizens;

Pupils can experience new roles or problems, and explore actions and consequences safely and realistically.

Drama provides new ways of communicating and understanding others.

Drama students learn to cooperate with others, listening and accepting the views of others.

Drama can enrich students’ educational experience, as well as supporting traditional subjects.



16th Nov 2017
Having completed the Halloween assessments, the top students as well as most improved...
5th Oct 2017
8BL have started to create their own superhero's in Drama. This will help them develop...
13th Sep 2017
Year 10 pupils exploring characters through image and voice.