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St John the Baptist’s College, Portadown



Department Teacher: Miss M Barker

Geography includes the study the environment and our interaction with the world around us. Geography relates itself to the world on a local, national and international level and aims to provide students with a key understanding of world issues and problems.

The aim of the course is to allow students to develop a sense of place and a passion for their world. Geography is a subject which enables students to enhance and gain skills in numeracy, literacy, and extended writing. In Geography, students are given the opportunity to experience both human physical and human Geography at a local, regional and global scale, whilst using a range of teaching styles. Students will be taught a range of Geographical skills which will equip them for taking Geography at GCSE level.

We believe passionately in the value of Geography and the opportunities it provides for students to learn about their world, to explore how the world works, and to develop opinions, attitudes and decision-making skills which they will carry into life-long learning.

Useful Websites for Geography Include:


KS3 Overview

Year 8

  • What is Geography?
  • Map Skills including OS Mapping
  • Ireland
  • The Weather

Year 9

  • Rivers
  • Flooding
  • The Restless Earth (Earthquakes and Volcanoes)
  • Rocks

Year 10

  • Population and China
  • Development
  • Coasts



KS4 Overview

Year 11

  • Rivers
  • Coasts
  • Weather and Climate
  • The Restless Earth

Year 12

  • Population and Migration
  • Changing Urban Areas
  • Contrasts in World Development
  • Managing our Environment

Careers in Geography

Geography is appealing to those with a curious mind, those who enjoy the outdoors and those who have an interest in the issues surrounding today’s world. Geography is a highly sought after subject for those planning on perusing a range of careers in future in particular Teaching, Planning, Civil Service, Law, Biologist, GIS Mapping, Accountancy or the Emergency Services.


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