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St John the Baptist’s College, Portadown

St Mary's YC


For many years now youth work staff from St. Mary’s Youth Centre have facilitated a number of youth work programmes with pupils at St. John the Baptist’s College.  Our programmes provide an alternative approach to learning for pupils and in the past have focused upon teamwork skills, resilience, sport, health education, communication skills and building effective relationships. We strongly believe that this informal approach to education complements and supports pupil’s engagement in their formal school education.  In many cases this work has helped provide pupils with accreditation through either COPE or the Youth Achievement Awards.

One further additional benefit for pupils we have found is that by engaging with our staff, many pupils then choose to access our provision during the evening time. This allows pupils to become further involved in our youth work programme which promotes their personal and social development. Some examples of projects we facilitate include those that focus upon Health Education, Citizenship, Sport, Community Relations, Volunteering, Outdoor Education and Social Inclusion. Not only do we provide further opportunities for young people to learn and benefit from but this approach also has the effect of providing an additional support mechanism for those young people most in need.

We at St Mary’s Youth Centre look forward to developing our relationship with the school even further in the future and help ensure pupils gain the maximum benefit.