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St John the Baptist’s College, Portadown

Student Leadership Team


Pupil Voice and Student Leadership

At SJBC we believe that Pupil Voice is a vital element to a creating an environment that empowers and listens to its pupils. As such, we ensure that students are given the opportunity to use their voice effectively. This is done through a variety of strategies: Plenaries in each lesson, our Virtual Suggestion Box and through our Student Council representatives, to name a few.

We provide students with a multitude of Leadership Roles across all subject areas  to develop key skills such as public speaking, team building and organisation. We strive to empower and encourage our students to take on these roles that will provide them with a plethora of key skills and invaluable experiences.





KS3 Numeracy and Literacy Leaders

Student Leadership Role and Responsibilities


Student Council


Our School Council is a democratically elected group of pupils from each class.  The purpose of the School Council is to represent pupils’ views and opinions on issues relating to school.  Our School Council benefits the whole school as it provides a forum to communicate with the Senior Leadership Team influencing decisions that are made. This enables each pupil to be active in the school community and in their own education.  Issues that might be discussed at meetings include:

  • School rules and policies
    • Activities after school
    • Bullying
    • School equipment
    • School and community fundraising
    • School meals
    • Facilities in school
    • Community issues