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St John the Baptist’s College, Portadown

Student Leadership


Student Leadership

Pupil Voice and Active Participation

At St. John the Baptist College we believe that students should be given a wide range of opportunities to develop and practise leadership skills.

Student Leaders

Roles and Responsibilities

Student Council (Miss L. Swain)

They are:

Leah McCann – Head Girl

Tyler Douglas – Head Boy

Megan Stewart – Deputy Head Girl

Maddie Hall – Deputy Head Girl

Patryk Rozynek – Deputy Head Boy

Joao Lopez – Deputy Head Boy

Seamus Reynolds – Sports Leader

Maura Pires – Sports Leader

Caoimhin O’Hare – Sports Leader

Katie Cullen – Sports Leader

Ellie Delaney – Pastoral Prefect

Kacee Chambers – Pastoral Prefect

Nikita Corry – Pastoral Prefect

Jake Bowman – Student Councillor

Kara Crawford – Student Councillor

Caolan Creaney – Student Councillor

Aleksandra Kozlowska – Student Councillor

Hannah Mullin – Student Councillor

Niamh McCann – Student Councillor

Kevin Machado – Student Councillor

The Student Council have been appointed to:

  • act as a link between students, teachers and SLT

Class Prefects (Mr. J. Lynch)

They are:

Jake Bowman

Kara Crawford

Caolan Creaney

Aleksandra Kozlowska

Hannah Mullin

Niamh McCann

Kevin Machado

The Class Prefects have been appointed to:

  • be a role model: set the standard for the rest of the school in terms of appearance, conduct, attitude to work and involvement in school activities

Pastoral prefects (Mr. J Lynch)

Ellie Delaney

Kacee Chambers

Nikita Corry  

The Pastoral prefects have been appointed to:

  • carry out a range of activities that are aimed at supporting students who may not be performing as well as they could.
  • work with and provide support to students at the breakfast, break and lunch clubs (on a rota basis).

Pastoral Buddies

They are:

Bronagh McShane – 8C

Elsio Quadros – 8C

Megan McCann – 9B

Darren Neto – 9D

The Pastoral Buddies have been appointed to:

  • maintain and create new friendships
  • to ensure that the ‘Buddy Bench’ is operating smoothly
  • ensure that no child is left out or feeling alone in school

Numeracy Leaders (Mrs A. Hughes)

They are:

8A – Aoibheann McConville and Sarah Reynolds

8B - Aras Bajorkevicius

8C – Kelly Castro Fereira

8D – Joshua Nesic

9A –Alyssa Fortes

9B – Che McShane and Misha Romit

9C – Thomas Corry

9D – David O’Hehir

10A – Matas Pocius

10B – Shane Caulfield and Sidra Rajo

10M – Peter Brown-Lavery

The Numeracy Leaders have been appointed to:

  • be a support to the class teacher
  • provide peer mentoring to students within the class
  • give help to peers
  • help to drive the idea of Numeracy across the school with participation in CALC activities, UK Mathematics Challenge, Numeracy Fun Day etc

Literacy Leaders

They are:

8A - Kieran Houston

8B - Dena Daly

8C - Anthony Da Sousa

8D - Julia Oliveria

9A - Aoife McAtarsney

9B – Roisin Larkin

9C - Amy Cummins

9D - Tom Bolger

10A - Natalie Wells

10B - Julia Cherek

10M – Edera Neto

The Literacy Leaders have been appointed to:

  • be a support to the class teacher
  • promote reading to their peers through literacy initiatives
  • be responsible for sorting and tidying the library
  • provide peer mentoring to students within the class
  • help to drive the idea of literacy across the school with the organisation of a ‘BookBench’ project, and an author/spoken word artist/performance poet visit.
  • assist with a variety of activities for events such as World Book Day, Literacy Day etc.

Digital Leaders

They are:

Year 8   Ethan McCaughley

             Balazs Nagy

Year 9   Fionn McCrory

             Sarah - Rose McShane

Year 10 Bernardo Pereira 

             Callum Mulholland

The Digital Leaders have been appointed to:

  • lead innovative ICT practice at the school and contribute to ICT innovation across the curriculum
  • support staff and students with ICT issues
  • assist students with resetting their passwords
  • help with technical support, such as recording/film making at events.

Sports Leaders

They are:

Seamus Reynolds

Maura Pires

Caoimhin O’Hare

Katie Cullen

The Sports Leaders have been appointed to:

  • represent the sport in school and act as ambassador and role model through their conduct and appearance on a daily basis and at whole school events
  • promote the ‘Hydrate’ project in school.
  • help organise and promote competitions and sporting activities such as sports day
  • speak at key sporting events
  • ensure that the provision of sport in school continues to improve
  • promote nutrition, health, well-being and physical activity
  • encourage students to participate in sporting activities offered at school

Language Ambassadors


8A – Nayma Costa

8A – Melanie Sequeira

9A – Sheilagh Pinto

9B – Florenca Gomes

10A – Maura Pires


8A – Vanesa Catanuta

8B – Aras Bajarkevicius

9A – Kamile Zadeikyte


8A – Karolina Chruscicka

9B – Julia Bazaczek

10B – Julia Cherek


8D – Julia Oliveira


9A – Catriona Carmichael

9A – Shauna Carmichael


9A – Pedro Lameirao


10B – Sidra Rajo


8C – Pablo Lay

10A – Filomena Alves Da Cruz

The Language Ambassadors have been appointed to:

  • share their other language with peers and staff in annual events, such as European Day of Languages
  • assist in the running of the annual multicultural day
  • participate in a variety of language-based activities such as investigating Christmas traditions in other cultures and countries
  • prepare presentations for assemblies, taster days and open days

Eco leaders

They are:

Caoimhin O’Hare

Tyler Douglas.

The Eco Leaders have been appointed to:

  • promote eco awareness around the school and the community
  • encourage others (by being a good example) to recycle, pick up litter, be considerate of wildlife and the biodiversity of the local and global environment
  • show dedication to attending the eco club weekly meetings and share ideas from other pupils in the school on how we can improve any school or environmental issues


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