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St John the Baptist’s College, Portadown


Mathematics Department:

  • Mrs A Hughes     (Head of Department and Numeracy Co-ordinator)
  • Miss Sarah Rath
  • Miss Danielle Sharkey

KS3 Overview

“Number rules the Universe.”

Pythagoras  560-480 B.C.



The Mathematics Department is one of the most successful departments in school.  Our statistics for Key Stage 3 2016 are detailed below:

100% Level 5 to Level 8 in Key Stage 3 Using Mathematics.

Aims of Department

The aims of teaching Mathematics are:

  • to make Mathematics a pleasant and enjoyable pursuit;
  • to encourage the effectiveness of Mathematics as a tool in a wide range of activities within both school and adult life;
  • to make pupils aware of the importance of mathematics in the analysis and communication of information and ideas;
  • to develop an appreciation of the relationships within Mathematics;
  • to facilitate the development of an awareness of the fascination of Mathematics;
  • to show Mathematics as a process, as a creative activity in which pupils can be involved;
  • to encourage pupils to work in a systematic way;
  • to encourage pupils to work both independently and cooperatively in appropriate situations;
  • to enable pupils to gain confidence and to tackle mathematical tasks without anxiety and apprehension.

Key Stage 3 Mathematics

In Years 8, 9 and 10 all pupils follow a course which covers the requirements of the New Revised Curriculum.

In the Mathematics departments students are usually taught by the same teacher for the three years. This allows for consistency in the delivery of the curriculum, and also fosters good classroom relationship between teacher and pupil. Mathematics classes in the top band are streamed by ability.  Class placement is aided by the evidence provided Class placement is aided by the evidence provided from diagnostic testing at the end of the previous academic year.  All other classes are taught in their registration groups. All students cover the four statutory attainment targets:

Number and Algebra;
Shape, Space and Measure;
Data Handling.

From September 2012 the existing system of assessment will be replaced by a series of three controlled assessments, taken in the first two terms of Year 10.

Here are further sites at each specific key stage that you might also find useful.

High Achievers

Gifted and Talented students at Key Stage 3

Students that are naturally gifted in Mathematics will be given the opportunity to further their knowledge and understanding by attending a weekly Mathematics enhancement classes in Years 8, 9 and 10 with the view to sitting their G.C.S.E. at the end of Year 10.

These students will also represent the school in the UK Maths Challenge and the UK Maths Team Challenge in February and April respectively.

 Students with a passion for Chess and Draughts can also join the Games club in Mrs Hughes room every Tuesday at lunchtime.


Gifted and Talented students in Primary 7

The enhancement programme will also be available to our local feeder Primary schools.  Primary 7 students will be given the opportunity to attend our ‘High Achievers’ class for both Mathematics and English on a Wednesday morning with Mrs Hughes and Ms Magee.


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Students in 10A had the opportunity to use the BUCK method when tasked with solving...
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Pupils taking full advantage of Maths Week Ireland. They were playing maths games...
19th Oct 2018
10A loved the opportunity to play mathematical related games during Maths Week Ireland....
19th Oct 2018
9C were very busy this morning collecting data with Mrs O’Neill.
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The Lunchtime Numeracy Club that the Maths department hold on a Wednesday and a Friday!...
9th Oct 2018
9B completing a group competition for learning how to read and interpret timetables....
9th Oct 2018
Well done to Gareth Mackey in 10MC winning Maths Pupil of the Week! 
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Year 10 students enjoying fun Friday in Mathematics after a very successful end of...