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St John the Baptist’s College, Portadown

Satchel One


School Information


Uniforms can be purchased from:

Ivan Jameson Outfitters

17-18 High Street


Tel: 028 3833 2244



SJBC operates a two week timetable with 6 periods a day. A typical Year 8 timetable is pictured below.

School begins at 8:45am and pupils begin and end each day with their form teacher. Periods 1 and 6 last 60 minutes each while Periods 2-5 last 50 mins.


Lunch Arrangements


Lunch lasts 35 minutes and the cafeteria operates a cashless biometric system. Pupils will be added to the biometric system as part of their orientation in August/September and can pay for food with their thumbprint. Parents can top up their child's account using the ParentPay website.

You can apply for free school meals if you are eligible by clicking here or requesting an application form from the school office.


Mobile Phones/Tablets


SJBC operates a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. Pupils may bring tablets, phones and laptops to school for use in class. Devices should only be used with the permission of the class teacher and should not be used in corridors, the canteen or the grounds. Devices used without permission will be confiscated and kept in the school office until collected by a parent or guardian.

The school cannot accept responsibility for the care of pupil devices and does not accept liability for the loss or damage of devices while on school premises.

If parents wish to contact pupils during school hours, they can contact the school office. Pupil mobile phones should not be used to contact parents during school hours.



We are currently in the process of changing to the school Gateway App - on this app parents can report attendances. For the moment: 

Medical Appointments - As much as possible, medical appointments should be made for outside school hours. Where this is unavoidable, a signed note from a parent or guardian must be brought to the pupil's form teacher the day before the appointment. Pupils must be signed out from the office by a parent or guardian to attend the appointment.

Illness - Pupils who have been absent from school due to illness should bring a note to their form teacher stating the reason for absence on their return to school.

If you need to leave school at any point during the school day and have not provided a note in advance, your parent/guardian must contact the school office.

The office will update your child’s register.


Toilet Passes/Medication

Pupils are encouraged to use the bathroom at designated times during the day to minimise the time spent out of class. If your child has a health condition that requires them to have access to a bathroom at any time, please let the school know and a toilet pass can be issued.

Medications can be stored in the office and a first aider can be made available if assistance is needed in administering. Please inform the office if your child has medication they will need to take during school hours.