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St John the Baptist’s College, Portadown

Gifted and Talented English

The English Department offers many additional programmes to help your child reach their full potential:

Gifted and Talented

Pupils, who show a particular aptitude and flair for English, will be given the opportunity to sit a GCSE in Media Studies in Year 10. This will allow these pupils to have a GCSE qualification already completed before they enter Year 11 and will give them an excellent boost in their English Language and Literature GCSEs.

The GCSE Media Studies course allows pupils to develop their analytical and decision making skills, which are essential for many GCSE courses, as well as developing their creative skills. Pupils will sit one exam at the end of Year 10 and complete three Controlled Assessment Tasks requiring them to analyse and design DVD covers, music advertisements and create their own advertising campaign.

Literacy Support

Year 8 pupils are tested in early September using the GL Assessment PTE tests. The results of these tests are used to highlight any literacy areas pupils may need additional support with. Support is provided through specially designed programmes which cater for the pupil’s specific needs.