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St John the Baptist’s College, Portadown
Parents of P6 and P7 Pupils Please check out our transition tab for all information regarding transfer to St John the Baptist's College.Click here.An information video on the school and the transition process can be found by clicking here.A message from our principal, Mrs Noella Murray, to P7 pupils and their parents can be viewed by clicking here.
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Year 8

Year 8 Progress Leader

Mrs S. Rodgers

Form teachers 

Mr R. Dineen: 8A

Miss M. Duffy: 8B

Miss E. Molloy: 8C

Mrs S. Rafferty: 8D

Miss F. McCormack: 8E 


Our Year 8 Cohort 2021-22


Achievement Point Awards


Monthly Achievement Point Winners:


Our Year 8 Form class award winners for September are as follows: 

  • Lucie Prentice (8A)
  • Nikola Rozynek (8B) 
  • Shea Mulholland (8C)
  • Tyla Donney (8D) 
  • Catarina Mendonca Maia (8E) 
  • Niamh McConville (8C) was awarded with the highest achievement points.  

In total all of our Year 8 pupils scored a whopping 1298 achievement points during the month of September. What a fabulous start! Each and every Year 8 pupil should be very proud!



Our Year 8 Form class award winners for October are as follows:

  • Eva Williamson and Ailbhe Fox (8A) 
  • Sarah O'Neill (8B) 
  • Miley Eadie and Hristina Fitokova (8C) 
  • 8D Rafael Freitas (8D)
  • Callum Toland (8E) 
  • Aoibheann Mc Cann (8C) gained the most achievement points.

Enjoy your chocolate and voucher for Rushmere! 

In total all of our Year 8 pupils scored a whopping 1107 achievement points during the month of October. Each and every Year 8 student should be very proud, especially 8C who have won the top form class two months in a row. Enjoy the pizza party! 



Well done to our Year 8 pupils who scored a whopping 2557 achievment points during the month of November. 

8A - 680 achievement points 

8B - 532 achievement points 

8C - 706 achievement points

8D - 345 achievement points

8E - 294 achievement points 

This month we focused on awarding those students who were helpul in class and displayed good manners. With this in mind, our Year winners for November follows: 

  • Jade McGeown (8A) 
  • Ashtin Green (8B
  • Ethan Burns (8C)
  • Oisin Summers and Lara Saude (8D)
  • Queta Balde and Rafef Habak (8E) 
  • Jade McGeown was the overall winner this month. 

Well done to all - enjoy your chocolate and voucher for Rushmere! 





Attendance Awards


Monthly Attendance Award Winners:

Every month we hold a special draw for those students who have 100% attendance. 


Well done to Ava Williamson, Jamie McGarry and Andre Coelho who were awarded prizes for their 100% attendance. 

I would like to give a special thanks to Grace Black for sourcing the prizes, and for delivering the attendance workshop to our Year 8 students. 


Well done to Emma Preshur, Cody Gorman and Paulina Pobierzyn who were awarded prizes for their 100% attendance during the month of October. 



Team Building Activities at St. Mary's!


St. Mary's Team Building 

Our Year 8 students attended a team building experience in St. Mary's Youth Club. This experience allowed our pupils to forge friendships and strengthen relationships with their peers. This is considered an important element of the 'settling in' period. Fantastic team working skills were displayed by all. Well done! 







Year 8 Surviving in the Wild


Bushcraft Centre

As part of our Year 8 Induction Programme, students took part in various team building activities at the Bushcraft Centre, Oxford Island. 

Our awesome adventurers had an action-packed day developing team working, communication and cooperation skills. They took part in an archery session, met Myrtle the python and immersed themselves in this spectacular woodland setting. 

Well done to all our modern-day Robin Hoods!




Reach Workshop

The REACH team delivered a fantastic induction programme to our Year 8 students. 

Attendance Workshop

Our Year 8 students took part in the 'Miss School Miss Out' workshop hosted by Grace Black. 






All About Me Project

Mrs Rodgers really enjoyed getting to know our Year 8 students. They created an 'All About Me Box' and presented it to the class. Mrs Rodgers also took part and shared a bit about herself. The students were shocked to see what an old mobile phone looked like.


Year 8 News

12th Jan 2022
Dear Parent/Carer,     We would like to take this opportunity to...

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My Year 8 Scrapook by Laoise Tennyson

Want to know what it's like being a Year 8 in SJBC?

Laoise Tennyson created a fantastic scrapbook detailing her experiences as a Year 8 last year. Check it out below.


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